2013: UBC Achievements Gain World’s Attention

From the Director

This just in: UBC gets a lot of attention from the media, year round – and not just from the British Columbia press. Increasingly, leading international news organizations seek out UBC experts and spotlight their innovative thinking.

What communication mavens prosaically call ‘earned media’ simply cannot be purchased. It is priceless because it is validated by fiercely independent reporters. UBC appears on prestigious pages, websites and channels because of our community’s originality, boldness and authenticity.

Of course, this year also saw UBC create a few headlines that were no doubt cringe-inducing for many. But take heart: those were soon supplanted by stories highlighting the decisive actions taken by the university to cope, to remedy and to overcome.

Just glance through the year that was, telescoped into a few clicks and scrolls. Relive the high points of the UBC 2013 news year and feel the glow. It was quite a year.

Lucie McNeill
Director, UBC Public Affairs