From the Carl Weiman Science Education Initiative, to postdoctoral teaching fellowships, to massive open online courses, many efforts are enhancing the UBC learning experience.

US News

February 23, 2012

Academic leaders strive to overhaul traditional lecture halls

“In order to test the effectiveness of lecture classes, researchers analyzed two introductory physics courses at Canada’s University of British Columbia last year, according to Voices of America. Each of these theater-style classes enrolled over 250 degree seekers….

“After analyzing both classes for one week, students from the two groups were asked to take a test on what they learned. Students who did not receive lectures scored twice as high as those who did, while further research showed that degree seekers were more engaged in what they were learning if they were not lectured.”

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UBC researchers are investigating the effectiveness of lecture classes – photo by Martin Dee

The Canadian Press / The Vancouver Sun

August 28, 2012

Forget the scalpel: med schools use robots, video games, to train new doctors

“At the University of British Columbia, Dave Lampron, the director of MedIT, said the facility’s medical school has moved toward putting more interactive web lessons into their curriculum.

“Currently, the school uses a computer game program with virtual patients to teach students how to perform a diagnosis. Using a series of videos, photos, testimonials and texts, students have to diagnose the patient and decide what kind of care to provide.”

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Dave Lampron – photo by Martin Dee

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September 19, 2012

London joins US-based online university Coursera

“Coursera, backed by venture capital, offers a platform for universities to deliver courses on the internet, currently without any charge to the student.”

“Among the universities being announced on Wednesday as additional partners of Coursera are Brown, Florida and Vanderbilt in the US, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, University of British Columbia in Canada and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.”

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UBC has partnered with Coursera to offer MOOCs

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University Affairs

April 11, 2012

UBC Vancouver makes radical changes to undergraduate services

“First-year students entering the University of British Columbia’s Vancouver campus this fall can expect a more personal touch, thanks to changes the university is making to its enrolment procedures. The enrolment changes are among several UBC is implementing in admissions and student-support services for undergraduates.”

“All new undergraduate students at UBC Vancouver will be assigned to an enrolment services professional, or ESP, who can answer questions and help students resolve problems involving financial planning, eligibility for bursaries and scholarships, emergency funding, registration and a host of other services.”

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New UBC Vancouver undergrads will be assigned to an enrolment services professional – photo by Don Erhardt


November 1, 2012

Is big bad and small good?

“It’s 11:30 a.m. and this is how the morning has gone for the 71 students in Science One at the University of British Columbia — one of the rare small-class programs that brings big universities down to a more human scale.

“Amir Ashtari, 17, prefers the small class size to the usual first-year prospect of packed lecture halls. ‘Here you are amongst a group of friends who are respectful to you and also who are smart,’ he said…. Hanne Collins, 18, said she likes the accessibility of instructors, and that they know her name.”

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UBC’s small-class programs bring university classes down to a more human scale – photo by Martin Dee

The Globe and Mail

November 14, 2012

Native physician program at UBC ahead of schedule

“The annual, rigorous competition to secure one of the 288 spots available for prospective physicians at the University of B.C.’s School of Medicine could fray the nerves of the coolest of customers. But Peter Eppinga could not have been more relaxed.”

“The medical school hopeful from Haida Gwaii received a green light from the special admissions committee, and last May, he was among a dozen natives – the most ever in a single year – to graduate from UBC’s remarkably successful program to increase the province’s supply of aboriginal physicians. The program is on target to meet its original goal – graduating a total of 50 doctors by 2020 – six years early.”

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UBC Native physician program 2012 graduates – photo courtesy of UVic Photo Services

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