UBC attracts more than 55,000 students to its campuses from around the world, where media have followed many of their achievements.

The Guardian (UK)

January 12, 2012

The ‘Boycott Sopa’ app and the informed consumer-citizen

“Christopher Thompson and Chris Duranti are the creators of Boycott Sopa, which had been used to scan more than 11,000 items when I spoke with them on Wednesday. They are third-year computer-science students at the University of British Columbia. They’ve gotten a lot of attention for this app, and they should.”

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Screen capture from the Boycott Sopa app

The Globe and Mail

January 30, 2012

UBC moves to broaden student population

“For years now, the University of B.C. has been one of the toughest post-secondary institutions in the country in which to gain admittance….

“… starting next fall, UBC will convert to a broad-based admissions system, one in which marks will still be important but a prospective undergrad’s back story will be considered as well. The school is hoping it will end up attracting more well-rounded applicants, ones whose marks may not be off the charts but who possess other attributes that portend important qualities such as leadership.

“UBC will be the first major university in Canada to incorporate non-academic criteria fully into its application process.”

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UBC will consider more than marks for admissions – photo by Darin Dueck

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The New York Times

May 5, 2012

Damming the Amazon

A documentary produced by UBC School of Journalism students in partnership with The New York Times tells how Brazil is planning to build at least 20 hydroelectric dams in the Amazon region by 2020, while indigenous residents say they are threatened and so is the rain forest.

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UBC students traveled to Brazil to film a documentary – photo by Sam Eifling

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CBS News

March 11, 2012

A world of pain

For most people in the developed world, painkillers for disease or for recovery from surgery are just a prescription away. Not so for people in much of the rest of the world. They live, quite literally, in a world of pain. Bob Simon of “60 Minutes” teamed up with students from the University of British Columbia’s International Reporting Program to see first-hand how one country is trying to ease the pain.

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Screen capture from the documentary “A world of pain”

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The Globe and Mail

May 29, 2012

Japanese-Canadians to receive UBC diplomas 70 years later

“On Wednesday, 90-year-old Mr. [Roy] Oshiro will be back at UBC, as one of 76 Japanese-Canadian students whose studies were derailed when they were exiled in 1942 and will finally receive their caps and gowns.

“For Mr. Oshiro, who’s traveled from Japan to Vancouver for the occasion, the tribute will be a milestone on a lifelong journey of forgiveness.

” ‘This is one thing that will happen once in a 1,000 years,’ he said Tuesday in a telephone interview, warning he might throw his arms up and shout ‘Hallelujah’ when he takes his turn across the stage.”

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Video: 76 Japanese-Canadian students received UBC diplomas after 70 years

The Globe and Mail

November 21, 2012

Record number of aboriginal students receive PhDs at UBC

“When she chose a topic for her doctoral dissertation, Donna Lester-Smith settled on the Warriors Against Violence Society, a Vancouver-based program that counsels aboriginal families dealing with violence and abuse.

“… Her approach paid off this week when she was awarded a PhD in education from UBC, becoming part of the largest group of aboriginal doctoral students to date to graduate from an education faculty at any Canadian university in one year. The group of 11 students undertook research areas such as prison education, aboriginal children in care and family violence and healing.”

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A record number of aboriginal students received PhDs at UBC in 2012


September 5, 2012 (part of Paralympics coverage)

Canada’s elegant boccia team

“One of my most enjoyable experiences so far at the London Paralympics was meeting and interviewing the Canadian bronze medal-winning boccia team of Josh Vander Vies and Marco Dispaltro….

“Vander Vies, a Sarnia, Ont., native who I first met when he was 11 years old, is now a 27-year-old studying law at the University of British Columbia. He already holds an honours double degree in political Science and French from the University of Western Ontario. He is an athlete representative for both the International Boccia Committee and the Canadian Paralympic Committee. And in his spare time he has become one of the top 20 boccia players in the world.”

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Josh Vander Vies, UBC law student

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Canadian Press / Globe and Mail

March 4, 2012

Lady T-birds capture CIS volleyball title

“The University of British Columbia Thunderbirds won their fifth-straight CIS women’s volleyball title Sunday, defeating the top-seeded University of Alberta Pandas in five sets 3-2…. The win gives the Thunderbirds a record nine championship banners.”

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UBC volley champions – photo courtesy of McMaster University

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February 25, 2012

King, Gossland, UBC dominate at CIS swim championships

“Savannah King and Tommy Gossland were named swimmers of the year as the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds dominated the Canadian university swimming championships Saturday.

“UBC swept the team banners and individual MVP awards while setting a meet record for most points in women’s competition.”

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UBC dominated Canadian university swimming championships – photo by Rich Lam